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MKE CdRom drive setup
Robert4390 May-08-01 02:04 AM
I am trying to install Windows 95 or 98 on a 486 for a friend of mine. I cannot get the cdrom to work. It is an old MKE Panasonic interface.(Specifically, Creative CT563-B}. I have the drivers and the setup floppy. When I run "Setupcd.exe" It says to load mscdex.exe first. How can I load mscdex.exe? I have writtten and re-written the autoexec.bat and config.sys at least 10 times! I have dos 6.22 on it now and the machine runs fine, but, I need the cdrom to work to install windows. Even a Windows 98 boot disk would not pick up the drive. Thank you.

1. RE: MKE CdRom drive setup
lbyard May-08-01 02:44 PM
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Itís been a very long time since I have setup a classic soundblaster in DOS. Believe you have to install the sound card and run diagnose.exe, which should be on the floppies, to activate the CD-ROM interface on the board, if it isnít already active. There may a jumper(s) on the soundbalster to set the appropriate CD-ROM interface. They may be mislabeled, as I recall. Loading mscdex.exe is done in the autoexec.bat file. See http://duxcw.com/faq/cdrom/cdrom.htm for an example. However, it is loaded after the CD-ROM device driver is loaded by config.sys. You can find mscdex.exe on a Windows computer at C:\windows\command. I would copy it to A:\ and setup the autoexec.bat accordingly. Most of the CD-ROM drives I see that are that old are long gone and inoperative. Larry

2. RE: MKE CdRom drive setup
copperpipe May-08-01 05:05 PM
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I think your friend would be better off in the long run buying a new IDE CD ROM drive and connecting it to your motherboard's IDE controller rather than running it off the sound card. Performance and stability will be better.

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