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Scan Disk and Defrag
Teebucket1313 Apr-30-01 12:48 PM
I have a 1000 mhz Athlon, 128 meg, 30 gig H/D O/S is Windows ME. I followed your advice and tried to perform scandisk and defrag in safe mode, turned everthing off if MSCONFIG. I also turned everything off using task manager. I still can't perform H/drive maintenance. I remove Norton anti-virus. I keep getting the message that the drive is locked by a disk utility. I have no ideal whats running. I have a friend who has the same problem. The only difference is the O/S, there using Windows 98 SE.

Thanks for your help.
Bye Dennis

1. RE: Scan Disk and Defrag
lbyard Apr-30-01 04:15 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Apr-30-01 AT 04:23 PM (GMT)

This can happen if you run a previous version of ScanDisk, such as from a Startup floppy created using an earlier version of Windows. Also, try opening a DOS window and typing:
C:\>unlock c:

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