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CD ROM problems
asdf123 Apr-16-01 10:56 PM
I have a ATAPI40X CD ROM drive that has always had the problem that you would put in a cd and it would rev up the cd-rom and the green light would flash and sometimes it would read but other times it wouldnt read at all and I'd would have to keep opening the cd drive and closing it or rebooting the computer. It was doing that for awhile but now it wont read at all. The light will flash and the cd spins but it never reads it.
I'm using Windows 98 FE and there is a Sony Spressa CD-RW on the same IDE that the cd-rom is on. When I installed the Sony CD-RW the older ATAPI40x used to work just like it has but now it seems like it doesnt work at all.

1. RE: CD ROM problems
lbyard Apr-17-01 08:18 PM
In response to message 0
Disconnect the CD-RW drive while troubleshooting. Try another CD… Look for scratches on the CDs… Try removing the driver in the System Manager and restarting Windows. If it's an old drive, press the Ctrl key just as computer boots to get the Startup Menu; choose Command Prompt Only; type edit autoexec.bat; find the line that starts with "rem - By Windows Setup - " (in front of the line with the MSCEDX command); move your cursor to the C (the start of C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\MSCDEX...) following the dash after "...Setup -" ; press the Enter key to put "rem - By Windows Setup - " on a seperate line so "C:\WINDOWS...: starts on the next line; hold the Alt key and press F to get the File menu; choose exit; Save and Exit; reboot. If that doesn't fix it you probably have a bad CD-ROM drive. Cleaning by a repair shop may fix, but it usually does not. Larry

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