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How do I install three CD-ROM Devices
ScorpioSnake Apr-12-01 09:10 PM
I have a Compaq 5690 computer that came with a 6X DVD-ROM drive. I recently bought a 72X Kenwood CD-ROM and an Imation CD Burn-R 12X10X32 CD-RW drive, that are both hooked up and working great. But I can't seem to find any store that sells an IDE cable with four connections so I can hook up three CD-ROM drives. Can anybody help me with this?

1. RE: How do I install three CD-ROM Devices
lbyard Apr-12-01 09:36 PM
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There is no such thing... The maximum number of drives that can be connected to an IDE interface is two. Larry

2. RE: How do I install three CD-ROM Devices
ratskrad May-10-01 09:17 PM
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You can add a aftermarket card that fits in a empty pci slot. Promise makes a few different ones that support different modes. Http://www.promise.com One of these cards will allow you to add up to 4 more ide devices. Granted not all on the same channel but generally you should not have the cd burner on the same channel as your cd rom if you are using it to burn copies of cd's with.

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