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How do I boot with no A: drive?
tee32 Apr-05-01 02:21 AM
I recently picked up a used notebook which had
numerous problems.One being that the hard drive
had a 700meg primary partition where win98sec resided and a extended
partition with 6 logical Linux partitions.I wanted to reclaim all the disk
space so I removed all the logical partitions and
set up the extended partition as D:.Everything was
fine until I decided to go in and resize the primary partition.
Now..It won't boot and the notebook has no floppy drive,only cdrom.
Is everything lost?
Is a floppy drive my only option for booting from
a start up disk?

I'd appreciate any advice that's given.
Thanks -TEE

1. RE: How do I boot with no A: drive?
lbyard Apr-05-01 03:32 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Apr-05-01 AT 03:32 PM (GMT)

You might be able to boot to the CD-ROM drive. There may be a CMOS Setup option that has to be enabled to do so or it might boot just by sticking the Win SE CD in the drive. There are cables that can adapt a notebook hard disk to run on a desktop PC. Larry

2. RE: How do I boot with no A: drive?
tee32 Apr-06-01 02:16 AM
In response to message 1
Thanks for the responce...
Ive tried to boot using the CDROM and win98sec
disk.The CD-ROM just spins.I take it that's because there is no CD-ROM driver loaded.
I'll check into that adapter cable.

Thanks for your time -TEE

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