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need new hd with windows installed
guru Mar-25-01 05:01 PM
Where can I get a new hard drive with windows installed? Looking for upgrade?

Paul Whitehurst

2. RE: need new hd with windows installed
lbyard Mar-25-01 05:52 PM
In response to message 0
Paul, Although Microsoft allows/did allow sales of hard disk drive/Windows OEM bundles, I don't know of any source for these bundles. The probability of problems with installing Windows on one system for sale and use on another system is not insignificant and still would probably require installation of motherboard, expansion board, and drive software/drivers. You would probably better-off installing a clean copy of Windows on your system. If you have an old copy of Windows (3.11, 95, and newer), you can install a Windows upgrade a bare hard disk drive. See our Windows How to and Build your Athlon computer articles for installing Windows. Larry

3. RE: need new hd with windows installed
Larry_A1HUNTER Apr-08-01 04:18 PM
In response to message 2
Just to drop a note the windows 98 and the windows me upgrade cd will do a full intstall by thier self with windows me it is simpel it will ask you for a 95 or a 98 cd and then it will again ask for the windows me cd and do the install

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