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cdrom hang
quack Mar-22-01 02:29 AM
My system currently consists of:

Athlon 1ghz tbird
256mb pc 133 ram
30gig Maxtor 7200rpm (primary master)
teac 1.44mb floppy
pioneer 16x dvd slot (primary slave)
pioneer 48x cd rom (secondary master)
visiontek geforce2 gts 32mb ddr
diamond mx300 sound card
netgear fa312 ethernet card

well.. at first, i didnt have my 48x cd rom in my system and had the dvd drive as a secondary master. windows loads perfectly and everything that i do on my HD works fine.

As soon as i try to install something through the dvd drive, the system freezes. I restarted the system and successfully installed the software.. Once i try to run the prog from the cd again, it hangs and continues to do so. I first thought the dvd drive was screwed up and so installed the cdrom drive and tried running the program from there.. and no success, it continues to freeze... i tried various programs and even audio cds, same result..

Any help in this matter would be great! Thanks in advance.

1. RE: cdrom hang
lbyard Mar-22-01 01:06 PM
In response to message 0
Suggest removing the DVD drive and setting it aside until the problem is solved for the CD-ROM drive. Also, remove the DVD drivers. Check you cables to sure they are fully seated. If the CD-ROM drive still malfunctions, try jumpering it as a Slave and see if it will work on the same cable as the hard disk. If it works there, we know the problem is with the secondary IDE interface, cable, or driver configuration. Let me know when you have checked the drive and we’ll go from there. Larry

2. RE: cdrom hang
quack Mar-22-01 06:20 PM
In response to message 1
just realized something today.. i was dling latest drivers for all my hardware and realized that its not my cdrom.. The system hangs when im not even using the cdrom at all.. it happend twice while i was logging on to windows, while all the icons were appearing on my desktop. it also happend while i was checking out my sound card through the soundcard utility that i have. I was running the demo of my sound card, which comes with the card. I am at a loss of words.. ARGH!! HELP!!

3. RE: cdrom hang
lbyard Mar-22-01 06:25 PM
In response to message 2
Go into the CMOS Setup, Plug 'n Play part, and tell it that the OS is PnP aware or something like that. Larry

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