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4x AGP?
bob23 Jun-14-00 05:33 PM
is there much difference between 2x and 4x AGP? would it make internet streaming faster? or what does it make faster?

1. RE: 4x AGP?
lbyard Jun-14-00 05:43 PM
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I have read that 4X isn't much faster than 2X, but haven't benchmarked it myself. I would think that bottleneck in Interent steaming would be the slowest connection between you and the server at the other end and that is far slower than any video card. Larry

2. RE: 4x AGP?
Mthyng Jun-15-00 06:00 AM
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I wouldn't sweat the difference. AGP 4X would only come into play if you're doing *massive* texture transfers (more than would even fit into your video card's memory) from system RAM to the graphics adapter. Even then, it hasn't proven to be much faster.

AGP 4X is a nice "extra treat", but I wouldn't necessarily purchase a new video card for that sole reason.

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