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Voltage settings for EPoX EP-MVP3C2
Moose Jun-10-00 08:31 PM
I am using a AMD K6-2 550 processor. The voltage settings listed in the EP-MVP3C2 manual stop at 3.2V. The voltage setting on the processor is 3.3V. Does anyone have an idea on any other voltage settings supported by this MB.

Thanks in advance

2. RE: Voltage settings for EPoX EP-MVP3C2
Moose Jun-11-00 04:14 AM
In response to message
I have come across an article in the EPoX knowledgebase (Article #1130) that addresses this question for another EPoX board (EP-MVP3G-M). What EPoX has instructed is the same as your suggestion. This looks like the way to go in this case as well.

3. RE: Voltage settings for EPoX EP-MVP3C2
lbyard Jun-11-00 03:08 PM
In response to message 2
Look hard at the motherboard. All of the switch settings are printed on the motherboard and include a 3.3 Volt setting. Also, see http://duxcw.com/digest/Reviews/MBs/Epox/mvp3c2/mvp3c2_3.htm for a list of the settings. Larry

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