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adding an extra USB
bernard delr Aug-16-02 11:17 PM
i have an ECS P4S5A 1.5ver sitting on a SOLAR Brand casing. I have my scanner and printer connected on my USB ports. There are two extra USB ports on the front panel of the casing... i want to add the spare to accomodate my CD-RW... how will i do it with this type of motherboard? i'm thinking that it might overload the board... is it safe?

1. RE: adding an extra USB
trumpetr Aug-17-02 11:09 AM
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I'm not familiar with your setup, but I would think if you wanted additional USB ports there are several different PCI cards that you could install without much hassle. I would suggest going with a USB 2.0 card, for future upgradability.

You could always go with some type of powered hub setup.

Just search google for USB 2.0 pci card or powered USB hub, and I'm sure you will find several vendors.


2. RE: adding an extra USB
Us Aug-22-02 04:57 PM
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you can use all the prots your system comes with without overloading it..or like he said before me..get a pci card and make sure you get the 2.0 480/mbsec fast usb specially using drives on usb port or it will run slower

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