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Hammer FAQs, etc.
lbyard Aug-13-02 04:41 PM
I guess it's time to start reading-up (believe me, there is plenty of time to do it).

1. Question 1
lbyard Aug-13-02 04:44 PM
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Q: What is “Hammer” architecture?

A: AMD’s 8th-generation architecture codenamed “Hammer” is the foundation on which our future portfolio of processors is planned to be built. Key innovations include an 8th-generation microprocessor core that is designed to offer uncompromising support for 32-bit applications and future 64-bit computing needs; a high bandwidth, integrated memory controller closely coupled with our 8th-generation microprocessor core; and a highly scalable system bus using HyperTransport™ technology with support for single- and multi-processor configurations.

2. RE: Hammer FAQs, etc.
lbyard Aug-14-02 01:29 PM
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AMD zone alos has an FAQ at http://www.amdzone.com/articleview.cfm?ArticleID=1195. Sample...

Q: Will Apple use Hammer CPUs in their computers?

A: We have heard that AMD personal are at Apple working to get them on board with Hammer. OS X's Unix underpinnings would allow for a relatively painless transition. Apple is a member of the HyperTranport consortium, and seems to have taken a liking to Nvidia's nForce chipset so anything is possible. The inability of the G4 to scale to higher MHz may push Apple to another CPU supplier, but Steve Jobs ego has relegated Apple's market share to small percentage for so long they may not be able to accept any sort of rational change.


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