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AGP question
harrykim Jul-13-02 06:56 PM
I have an old mobo..gigabyte 6BX with intel 440BX..100fsb..i wish to upgrade graphics to agp port..but i dont know what version of agp ive got..gigabyte site says mobo is agpx2..but i dont know whether this is the same thing as agp version2..ive looked in my bios settings,system info etc..but can see no mention of agp version..i wonder if anyone knows which it is .on gigabyte site it states agpx1/66mhz..agpx2/133 mhz..i dont understand this as mobo states 100fsb.

1. RE: AGP question
lbyard Jul-13-02 07:15 PM
In response to message 0
They are the same thing. Most boards should work. Depending on what PCI board you have, it may not be worth upgrading. Larry

2. RE: AGP question
harrykim Jul-13-02 08:02 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks for reply..ive been running voodoo 3 2000 pci but wanted to move on...i wonder if the agp automatically sets its transfer rate or is there a way to specify it on the system or bios?

3. RE: AGP question
lbyard Jul-13-02 08:37 PM
In response to message 2
Some of the AGP boards have a jumper. Some motherboard CMOS Setups have a setting. I don't think you have anything to gain by upgrading what you have, given the capabilities of the motherboard and processor. Larry

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