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beeping pc with rgb on the monitor
andremusic Jul-10-02 09:13 AM
when I start up my pc all I get is a 2-beeping soundsignal and on the monitor, I see the rgb-colors with the message: check monitorcable or something like this.

before this happend, I did put in a new memorymodule, there was a beepingsignal and a heavy smell, so I took it out again.

But even without that memory, I now only get what I described in the first few lines.

Can anyone help me here?


1. RE: beeping pc with rgb on the monitor
lbyard Jul-10-02 10:08 AM
In response to message 0
Turn off the power, pull the power cord, and reseat the monitor adapter. Be sure it is properly seated after you screw it down by pushing down on the top, front of the card and looking along the socket where it plugs-in. Check the monitor cable to be sure is is properly plugged into the adapter and that is has no bent pins. Larry

2. RE: beeping pc with rgb on the monitor
andremusic Jul-11-02 04:03 AM
In response to message 1
thanks. this could help with the monitor. I get that error also btw when there is only the powercable attached to the pc.

but what about those sirene beep sounds? I already unplugged everything from the board and tried with and without the memory.

6. RE: beeping pc with rgb on the monitor
lbyard Jul-11-02 03:00 PM
In response to message 2
>but what about those sirene beep sounds?

If you get two beeps and that's it, it is probably being caused by the display adapter not being properly seated. Some computers will also beep if the monitor is not connected. Thus my instructions.

Bad memory or memory that is not properly seated can also cause beeps. Check your motherboard book for beep codes. They are usually in the last section of the book in an appendix.

If the sound continues and really sounds more like a siren, then it could be the CPU overheating. This alarm is less common as many motherboards do not have the feature.

In the first case, you probably nudged the display adapter when upgrading the memory.

In the last, a cable may have fallen into the fan or the fan connector was dislodged. I would also inspect the motherboard (and memory) carefully for whatever caused that bad smell. Hopefully, it wasn’t the last gasp from a fried CPU. However, if the computer beeps, the CPU is working well enough to cause it. Dead CPU = no beeps. Larry

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