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Isa Slot?
Linwin Jul-09-02 07:16 PM


Will soon be putting another box together and the question is: Is there a K7 ( Athlon, Duron ) DDR MB available that has an ISA slot on it? So far, I have not found one, and I would like to be able to use my trusty ISA modem again.
Thanks, Linwin

1. RE: Isa Slot?
lbyard Jul-10-02 00:57 AM
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I am afraid that the ISA bus is now dead. Larry

2. RE: Isa Slot?
Twinhead Aug-16-02 01:47 AM
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LAST EDITED ON Aug-16-02 AT 01:47 AM (EDT)
If you do'nt mind using a COM port, buy an external modem.
These should be as trusty as an internal ISA type.
It's accessebility from DOS and other 16-bit software is realy the same as an internal ISA modem.
PCI on the other hand is inaccessible without an 32-bit OS who preforms a Emulator for the Modem.

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