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Installed Motherboard but no video
williamrt77 Jun-10-02 06:02 PM
I have been trying to build a pc for some time now and have purchased 3 different motherboards but all with the same result. I put the pieces together and attempt to boot up but get no video. The monitor stays in suspend mode like it is not getting a signal. I have used both on board video and AGP card to no avail. Any suggestions?

1. RE: Installed Motherboard but no video
DJ Net2Infinity Jun-10-02 06:14 PM
In response to message 0
Try a different monitor?

2. RE: Installed Motherboard but no video
Twinhead Jun-11-02 02:18 AM
In response to message 0
If your maiboard has onboard video, you'd better leave the AGP (If present) AND PCI #1 empty.
Then plug in the monitor to the onboard card.
If it will bootup, access the BIOS and shut down the internal card if you want to use an AGP or PCI card.
If not switchable in the BIOS, Power down the system and try to locate jumpers or DIP switches for the onboard video.
If even that is not there, and you can find the BIOS chip who is for the internal videocard ONLY and is socketed, you can remove that chip and put it in an antistatic bag to store it.
After shutdown of the internal card, be shure you have powered down the system, and insert your AGP or PCI card.
If using AGP, leave PCI #1 empty beceause they are bonded by the IRQ.


3. RE: Installed Motherboard but no video
judylou Jul-17-02 03:53 PM
In response to message 2
I have a similar problem, with an ASUS A7v266-E motherboard, which does not appear to have on-board video. Athlon 1900 CPU, Crucial 256 DDR Ram (only 256 for now, as I blew the wad on all this stuff). I'm building my first computer, bought Larry's PDF file on how to do so.

I have studiously checked all jumper settings, changed the video card first from the original ATI xpert2000Pro to my own PC card, ATI Radeon (both of these were AGP cards) and now have a GeForce4 MX 420 in the #2 PCI slot (I read that PCI slot #1 shares something with the AGP slot next to it).

Here's what I can see of what's working and what's not. The power supply fan is working, though I'm not sure why there was nothing to plug into the board specifically for the fan in there. The CPU fan is working, as is the onboard CPU cooler. The case fan is working. I can feel that the hard drive is running. The case power switch and the light on the floppy drive work. As I plug in the keyboard, the keyboard lights go on, but they do not work once plugged in (if, for example, I hit Num Lock).

I just get nothing on the screen at all. It is a working monitor. I also get no beeps at all, even if I remove the graphics card to instigate beeps. I plugged a speaker in & again, I can hear the electronic sound it makes plugging in, but have heard no sounds once plugged in. The board has on-board sound. No beeps before I plugged in speakers, either. I tried the Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools that came with my new HD. Nothing happened on the screen though the floppy light went on (did not blink).

Does this (admittedly long) note tell you experienced people out there just what is amiss? Thanks so much.


5. RE: Installed Motherboard but no video
lbyard Jul-17-02 05:14 PM
In response to message 3
The power supply fan gets its power from the power supply. I would go back to the ATI Radeon AGP board, which you know works and is a pretty basic AGP board, make sure it is seated correctly per the instructions, and boot with the minimal bootable configuration as described in the article. Double-check all motherboard jumpers and come back if there are some you do not understand. Make sure the CMOS battery jumper is in the correct position. If it is, shut down and use the jumper to reset/discharge the CMOS per the instructions in the article. Check the monitor for bent pins. Try the monitor on another computer. Try another monitor on this computer. Reseat the memory (likely problem). Check the motherboard carefully. Shake for loose screws. Reseat the CPU (be extremely careful). The memory may be defective (likely--but I have had very good luck with Crucial). The motherboard may be defective. The power supply could still be defective, but it isnít as likely in this case as bad memory. Larry

6. RE: Installed Motherboard but no video
judylou Jul-18-02 00:55 AM
In response to message 5
Thanks for your help, Larry. I did what you suggested and think it's the MB, though hard to rule out memory as I have no other system in which to try out DDR ram. Unavailable for few days, but will try again next week and report how I did. Thanks so much for your guidance. Judy

7. RE: Installed Motherboard but no video
lbyard Jul-18-02 02:49 AM
In response to message 6
Donít give up yet. I am not familiar with recent Asus motherboards as I had some problems a few years ago with their motherboards and have not forgiven them yet. The person (an Asus distributor in the UK) who wrote the info at the link below seems to be an expert on your motherboard and the info may help you make an 11th hour save. Note in particular the jumper settings. You have a Palomino processor. Coincidently it is exactly the same processor I am going to use in the next few days to replace my aging 500 MHz K6-2. Larry


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