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Looking for a reliable MB for my new P4 533FSB CPU
gomcse Jun-05-02 11:58 AM
Hi guys,

I am looking for a reliable motherboard with the following requirements for my new CPU:

Prefer to be Intel newer chipset
Needs to have 2 onboard IDE channle with ATA133 support
Needs to have 2 extra IDE channel for ATA 133 RAID
Needs to have USB 2.0 onboard
Needs to have intel LAN onboard
Can support Windows XP

Any suggestion will be welcome.

1. RE: Looking for a reliable MB for my new P4 533FSB CPU
deerslayer Jun-09-02 09:00 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Jun-09-02 AT 09:08 PM (EDT)
WEll the Abit IT7 has everything you are looking but does not have any legacy ports. No ps2 for keyboard or mouse and no parallel port.

The abit BD72 is nice, it has ata100 on the ide 1 and 2 and ata133/raid on 3 and 4.
Both have official support for the 533 bus as well. They use DDR memory.
If you want rdram Asus makes a board, cant recall model # though.

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