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Question About AMD Bus Speeds
Poritz May-27-02 02:38 AM
I thought that the current line of AMD CPUs have a 266Mhz bus but now I am hearing that it is 133Mhz and that they do not want to move up to 166Mhz. Can someone explain and point me to some place that can give me an introduction to modern PC architecture so that I may better understand. Thanks, I look forward to hearing from someone soon.


1. RE: Question About AMD Bus Speeds
Twinhead May-27-02 03:11 AM
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The only way to find that out is to visit AMDs Website.


This wil clarify it (I hope)

2. RE: Question About AMD Bus Speeds
lbyard May-27-02 12:49 PM
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An intro to the Athlon is at http://duxcw.com/digest/guides/cpu/athlon/tbird.htm. Newer Athlons have a double data rate (DDR) bus between the Northbridge and the processor. Data is transferred on both the leading and trailing edges of the clock pulse. The Bus is actually clocked at 133 MHz. The DDR equivalent is 266 MHz. The memory bus to the Northbridge chip of recent chipsets is clocked at either 133 MHz or 166 MHz and uses DDR for an effective bus speed of 266 MHz or 333 MHz. A 333 MHz memory bus is of little use to a processor with maximum bandwidth of 266 MHz, unless it is overclocked--something that Larry does not do. Larry

3. RE: Question About AMD Bus Speeds
Poritz May-28-02 09:57 AM
In response to message 2
Thanks for the explanation.


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