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no keyboard no mouse
question May-22-02 02:06 AM
When I boot pc most of the time it happens so that keyboard (compaq) and mouse are not recognised. Keyboard more often (ps/2 - rq1).

cpu 1.4ghz amd
sys bios/motherboard - award software/asus a7v266-e
XP Professional
Memory 256 MB

Anyone knows the reason y it happens?

Thanx 4 all da help. ;l

1. RE: no keyboard no mouse
lbyard May-22-02 10:00 AM
In response to message 0
Could you be more specific? What is the info on the manufacturer's label on the computers. What kind of mouse and keyboard do you have... PS/2 or USB? Start by unplugging and plugging in both, if you haven't tried that yet. Larry

2. RE: no keyboard no mouse
question May-23-02 08:26 AM
In response to message 1
heh dont give me that man coz that aint it...
this is more serious then that coz it happens more often...
whatever i try it happens agian.
keyboard and mouse are both ps/2 as i said.
could be motherboard connection at fault (manufacturer) or some #####...
im reading bout this at google groups...lots of ppl same stuff...

3. RE: no keyboard no mouse
lbyard May-23-02 12:05 PM
In response to message 2
It is usually the motherboard and it is often caused by someone pushing the computer against a wall and breaking the solder connections on the motherhboard. I didn't appreciate "dont give me that man" as reseating the keyboard or mouse plugs is the first step one does when troubleshooting this sort of problem. I may not have overlooked ps/2 if you wrote in clear-understandable English instead of chat room gibberish. Larry

4. RE: no keyboard no mouse
question May-24-02 00:44 AM
In response to message 3
one does and one did...
that is usualy a 1st thing everyone checks for so no point mentioning it .
Anyway if anyone knows the problem reply plz and Larry your comments have been noted thanx.
it seems i may have to search on the net...


6. RE: no keyboard no mouse
lbyard May-24-02 12:22 PM
In response to message 4
>everyone checks

That is not been the case many times in my considerable experience and that instruction has fixed the problem many times, in fact, most times. I have also had to tell people to plug the power cable into their computer, turn on the surge protector, plug-in the monitor, turn-on the printer, put paper in the printer, turn on the speaker amplifier, plug the speakers into the sound card instead of the MODEM, which key is the “any” key (had to throw that classic one in), and many other things obvious to other people. As I did not know who you are and what your experience was, I started at step one and will continue to do so. Thanks for making your post easier to read. Larry

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