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Serial port swapping
adam May-08-02 11:50 AM

I want to take an unused RS232 serial port out of a Gateway desktop running Win 95 and insert it in a Gateway desktop running Win XP home edition. Is it more involved than simply removing the port and inserting it in the new computer?



2. RE: Serial port swapping
lbyard May-08-02 02:43 PM
In response to message 0
Off the top of my headů The extra port might be part of the motherboard. If it is a separate expansion board, it may be an ISA board and the other computer may have no ISA slots or they may already have boards in them. If the board is terribly old, it may not work in a newer computer. The bus may be too fast for it. A serial board may conflict with a motherboard resource or another board (e.g., MODEM). The motherboard that you want to add a serial port to may already have some on the motherboard, but they may be disabled in the CMOS setup. An old serial board may have an old UART chip that won't run as fast as you would like ((e.g., an 8251). What have you got to loose by trying? Larry

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