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Not so random reboots
RCAP Apr-25-02 09:18 AM
LAST EDITED ON Apr-25-02 AT 09:18 AM (EST)
I have a MicronPC with a Celeron 733mhz processor. Recently my machine has started to continually reboot itself. Interestingly, it will reboot, and then 3 minutes and 5 seconds later it will reboot again. This gives the machine just enough time to run scan disk and then display the desktop before it reboots. When I press delete on bootup to enter the BIOS setup I can stay in the BIOS setup for longer than 3:05.

I was thinking maybe my CMOS battery was bad, but if that were the case would I be able to stay on the BIOS setup screen for an indefinite period of time, as I have been able to do? If not could it be an OS problem?(I'm running Win ME)?

Thanks for any thoughts on this one.

1. RE: Not so random reboots
lbyard Apr-25-02 10:48 AM
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Check the CPU fan. Larry

3. RE: Not so random reboots
RCAP Apr-25-02 11:00 AM
In response to message 1
The fan was running. If it is a temperature problem isn't there a way to adjust the temp at which it shuts down in the BIOS? I'll try that tonight. Also, I was thinking--I've been letting ScanDisk run to its completion. I will cancel scandisk as soon as it starts and then see if my reboot cycle is shortened from 3 minutes and five seconds. If the cycle is shortened I guess this tells me that Startup is detecting an error somewhere???

2. RE: Not so random reboots
Twinhead Apr-25-02 10:51 AM
In response to message 0
Sounds as a bad cooling of the CPU or a weakening Power Supply Unit.
(Maybe Both)

Blow out the cooler-body and the fan of your CPU.

In the BIOS, the CPU does not do much. (walking)
In the 32-Bit Software, the CPU really has something to do! (running)
The increase in temperature and current drain on the PSU can couse these reboots.


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