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Display Adapter???
HoDog14 Apr-16-02 05:29 PM
This sounds like my problem...mabe...? But, once again, I have no idea what it is or where it is located on my computer... A little help...
Thanks (and i like doing this <...> )

1. RE: Display Adapter???
DJ Net2Infinity Apr-16-02 05:50 PM
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http://www.duxcw.com/digest/Howto/buildcom/super7/index.htm Pick which item you are interested in.

2. RE: Display Adapter???
Twinhead Apr-18-02 06:02 AM
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That is another name for "Video card"
It is the card where the monitor is connected to.
It can be ISA (OBSOLETE), PCI, AGP or an internal type.

The internal type is totally intergrated in your mainboard, and cannot be taken apart.
The connector will be directly on the mainboard or with a ribbon cable be attached to an expansion slot cover.
If you find an aluminium cooler-body on your mainboard, take it off, and see the Chip's ID.
Replace the cooler-body after that!
If not possible, (If it is glued in place) the Chip's ID can also been seen at the left upper corner in your screen when starting up your PC.
Since the ID is shown only a short time, you better start up the monitor first and wait for about 15 seconds for starting up your PC.

Otherwise boot into Windows and see in the Device manager the type of your Display Adaptor.
Be aware that if you have only 16 to 256 colors at a maximum of 640*480....800*600 pixels the card could be detected WRONG by Windows!
It listed the card as PCI compatible Display Adaptor.


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