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Desktop Cases and Loaded Athlon Computers
lbyard May-25-00 12:47 PM
E-Mail from reader...

I am building my new computer. I will be using either an Epox EP7KXA or ASUS K7V motherboard with either an AMD Athlon 700 or 800 MHZ chip. AMD does not recommend a desktop case but I want to use one ; I like the convenience of setting my 21 inch monitor on top and the idea that my floor stays "clear". I want a 300 watt power supply and a really sturdy case that these motherboards can fit into (form factor is ATX). I also want at least 4 external slots for a CDR/W, CDR, 3-1/2 floppy, and Iomega 100 Meg Zip Drive. I also want room inside for a Maxtor 40 GIG hard drive. I hope you have a few models that I can pick from. The most important thing is that I need the 300 Watt power supply and do not want the chip to overheat (I need enough cooling in the configuration of the case).
I hope you can help!

1. RE: Desktop Cases and Loaded Athlon Computers
lbyard May-25-00 12:48 PM
In response to message 0
I would strongly recommend a tower case for a configuration as loaded as the one you suggest! I only sell one desktop and that is the AOpen HX95A (http://duxcw.com/digest/Reviews/Cases/aopen/hx95a/hx95a.htm). It comes with a 250W power supply. If you put the lid on that case with your configuration, it is going to be underpowered and hot. I would suggest getting a med-tower and putting it on your desk next to the monitor. I have not reviewed either of the motherboards, but if I were considering buying an Athlon, slot A motherboard, I would look at the Abit board (http://duxcw.com/news/releases/abit/abit_introduces_ka7.htm). A few weeks ago I was about to buy an Athlon and Athlon motherboard for my own use and to review, but right now I would not buy an Athlon or Athlon motherboard. I have good reason to think they are both close to being obsolete. AMD will shortly ship the Duron (http://duxcw.com/digest/guides/cpu/duron/1stglance.htm) at the low end and the Thunderboard (a code name which will probably change) at the high end. Both are socket A processors and will replace the slot A Athlon. VIA will be shipping the KZ133 chipset in about a week (or two) and motherboards with that chipset and a socket A will be out in a month or so, if not sooner. Check our forums for up-to-date info. Larry

3. RE: Desktop Cases and Loaded Athlon Computers
lbyard Jun-13-00 06:12 PM
In response to message
Because Slot A's are a dead-end. As far as my personal computer is concerned, it is going to skip the short Slot A era and move from Socket 7 to the Socket A. The nice thing about the Socket A is that we will no longer be concerned with two motherboards for AMD CPU's. The Socket A replaces both the Slot A and the Socket 7 motherboards. One can start with a Duron and move up to a "New" Athlon, etc. Motherboards generally, but not always, stay in my computer through 2-3 CPU upgrades. Larry

4. RE: Desktop Cases and Loaded Athlon Computers
sibrag Jun-13-00 08:06 PM
In response to message 3
Gocha! If indeed you are correct, then the Slot A mobos and chips should come down on price even faster than they otherwise would ;?).



5. RE: Desktop Cases and Loaded Athlon Computers
lbyard Jun-13-00 08:17 PM
In response to message 4
Wanna buy a 486 motherboard and CPU cheap. I've got a bunch of them. Larry

6. RE: Desktop Cases and Loaded Athlon Computers
sibrag Jun-14-00 00:55 AM
In response to message 5

I still have my 1st pc an 8086 DEC, one of the DELL's 1st systems, when they were still called PC Limited (and operating from his collage dorm), a 386, couple of 486 lapdogs, a P133, a P200 and the K6-2.

But I'll keep your offer in mind should I start an cyber antique store .

BTW, I (think I still) have a 286 Dell mobo, also cheap.

7. RE: Desktop Cases and Loaded Athlon Computers
lbyard Jun-14-00 02:12 PM
In response to message 6
We actually have one of the 8088 XT's (#177) we built in 1988 in for repair. It has worked without incident for 12 years and now the keyboard isn't working.
Antiques... I have a 25 X 27 ft garage full of them. Larry

8. RE: Desktop Cases and Loaded Athlon Computers
sibrag Jun-14-00 08:52 PM
In response to message 7
I purchased the DEC in '83. On just 10 meg hard drive (no idea how much RAM, but it ain't much FOR SOYTAIN)it has the OS in addition to a full fledged accounting program, AND the necessary data, to run a medium sized company.

BTW, thanks for the heads up on the Socket A, although the Slot A alternative may not be out, for my needs.


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