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At My Wits ends with a old computer!
JENGO Apr-15-02 04:28 PM
Someone gave me and old computer.They said it would not boot.
It had no name on it but had the original keyboard with it
it said CTX.
it came with the old 5" floppy
3.5 floppy
CD rom drive
2 Hard drives

So I got it home set it up and turn it on!It the bio booted up then to windows 95 and went to scandisk and the hard drives were cover with bad clusters.I try to boot windows with the boot disk and see what happen to boot to normal, it was missing a hold bunch of files.I finally open up to see what was inside the computer.It had 2 hard disk So I try both by them by them selfs and still no luck, with or with out the boot disk.So I stuck in a hard disk that I had that I know was good with 1.6GB.It's used but I know it good.Boot up the computer it regonized the hard drive,and started to boot to windows 95 and prompt the C:\>Try to get the drive letter for cd rom drive But went thought the whole alfabet to get to setup for windows with the cdrom. but it kept telling invailed drive.
Had to prompt Reboot several times could not prompt A had to prompt A
throught C:\>A:\>SETUP Got the A prompt so I could try fdisk and format the drive I got to FDISK to fix drive drive all ready fix ok try format got nothing bad command.I tried swiching the IDE cables with the hard drive and cd drive ,tried Buting on the Smae IDE cable Tried swiching the cd drive to slave and back again.I tried several thing all kinds of different ways and still not be able to get in.As
I'm booting up It starting to say CMOS Battery fail.check the battery
it look like it had it 4 prong are missing on one side and one on the other.
I took it all apart to the motherboard. ok now what do I do I look for a name no name on the motherboard. All I found were numbers
And a another number on the side V1.3
I beleave it a AT broard.

I have no manual for it so I'm blind on this.
I will get a new battery for it I just don't where to get one
and I going to buy new IDE cables also, one is realy bad and that probably be part of why I'm not geting a read on the cdrom.
I also beleave that I have to move the jumpers around on the motherboard.
So if Anyone knows where I can get a manual on this it would be great!
I also found a sticker on the bottom of the case that said last updated memory 1998 so this computer did work as far as 1998!

It has 2 intel chip dated to 1995


Award software
S\N 862960663

Please Help
Thanks Jen

1. RE: At My Wits ends with a old computer!
lbyard Apr-15-02 04:37 PM
In response to message 0
Frankly, it is probably not worth trying to fix, but if you are determined start with the battery at http://duxcw.com/faq/cmos/cmos.htm. Larry

2. RE: At My Wits ends with a old computer!
DJ Net2Infinity Apr-15-02 06:45 PM
In response to message 1
Sometimes its amazing what people get into, but any computer that has a old floppy drive and is having problems isn't worth fixing. Its Cheaper and a whole lot less time consuming to build a new one.

3. RE: At My Wits ends with a old computer!
stevehenry1 Apr-29-02 10:09 AM
In response to message 2
true, from a practical view, but some of us try to learn from tilting at windmills like this sigh. i draw the line at anything before pentiums

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