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Serial Port
BBATES Mar-28-02 02:36 PM
I updated a computer with a new motherboard and everything works fine, except......If I have somthing plugged into the serial port. The system will hang at the Windows 98SE startup screen. If I uplug the item from the serial port its kinda like pressing a button and the computer unfreezes and finishes starting up. I have no conflicting resources. The motherboard is a Soyo 5EH5.

1. RE: Serial Port
lbyard Mar-28-02 03:23 PM
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When replacing a Baby AT motherboard use the cable/bracket assemblies that came with the new motherboard. Cable/bracket assemblies vary and those for the old motherboard may not be compatible with the new motherboard. Also, if the chassis has knockouts for the connectors on the brackets, I remove the brackets (a socket driver is useful for this) and mount the connectors in the knockout holes. This reduces the number of problems you will have with the computer, has a more professional appearance, and may free-up a slot or two. Check to be sure the cables are long enough before knocking–out the blanks. Often the blanks will have a slot so they can be easily removed by twisting them with a screwdriver. I remove those that don’t by whacking them with my hand using a screwdriver and then twisting them off with ordinary pliers. Be careful. They can have sharp edges. Larry

2. RE: Serial Port
BBATES Mar-28-02 03:33 PM
In response to message 1
I thought that might be the problem and did just that; I replaced the existing serial connectors with the ones that were supplied with the mobo, but no improvment.

Thanks for the fast reply.

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