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Video card? Motherboard?
jhull16 May-24-00 03:29 PM
ok, i got another problem with another computer. I turn it on and everything comes on except a screen. Monitor turns on, got a new video card already but that dont work. I dont know what the problem is. Help if you can. jhull16@yahoo.com

1. RE: Video card? Motherboard?
lbyard May-24-00 03:39 PM
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Look for a bent pin in the plug on the end of the cable going from the monitor to the video card. They can usually be straightened with a small pair of needle nose pliers and some patience, but some break fairly easy. Try another monitor to narrow the problem. Try slowing-down the computer. Two bad video cards from the same source is not unheard of. Try the card in another computer. The monitor green function (a relay, etc.) may not be working properly. Hold the power switch in long enough for the monitor to warm-up and see if the display appears. “Everything comes on” may not be everything coming on. Do you see/hear a lot of disk activity as the computer boots? Larry

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