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Conventional Memory
wayne1921 Mar-25-02 05:32 PM
My HP Mod#7920: Using the MEM command at the DOS prompt in WinME shows a total of 636k of conventional memory, using the command at a DOS boot prompt I have 638k. Any one know why the change and where I might be losing 2 to 4k of Ram??? Thanks much, haven't gotten any replies from HP on this. Wayne

1. RE: Conventional Memory
lbyard Mar-26-02 10:42 AM
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A virus? Larry

2. RE: Conventional Memory
wayne1921 Mar-28-02 03:00 PM
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Just finished running Nortons Virus Scan (All files), no viruses found. Never had a PC that had less than the 640k Conventional memory.

3. RE: Conventional Memory
lbyard Mar-28-02 03:40 PM
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4. RE: Conventional Memory
wayne1921 Apr-09-02 01:10 PM
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Larry, Thanks again, looking into all four URL's,


5. RE: Conventional Memory
Twinhead Apr-18-02 05:41 AM
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LAST EDITED ON Apr-18-02 AT 05:49 AM (EST)
I meight have one!

On some bioses the Adaptor Rom shadow for the IDE driver can be shadowed at one of two positions.
The first one (The best) is given in a Hexadecimal number (0:300) or so, ant the other is sayng DOS 1Kb.
If on DOS 1Kb, you have to set it over to free up the 1...2 Kb of conventional memory.
There meight be more adaptors in the listing, given by hexadecimal numbers.
Disable ALL of these
Only the Video Bios cachable and the System bios cachable should be left on. (Yes / Enable)
Also the video Bios shadow meight be switched on to improve the preformance.
Although various OS's make a copy themselves, in Windows you loses again 1...2 Kb for it.
I cannot tell exactly where to find it in your BIOS (If there), so look around in all the subpages when entering Setup.


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