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CPU Fan does not run
CjBotkin Mar-20-02 11:17 PM
I'm building a Epox 8KHA+ with a Althon 1800+ ... and a nice InWin 506 case... (approved by AMD)...

I've read all HowTo's twice... used a static mat (24x36") and a wrist band... I've installed the Retail AMD chip / heatsink as instructed... and placed the Mobo in the case...

Upon 1st power up ... everthing powers up... case fans... power supply fans... etc... but, NO CPU FAN !!!



1. RE: CPU Fan does not run
DJ Net2Infinity Mar-21-02 01:27 AM
In response to message 0
1. The Fan could be bad, it can, will, and does happen.

2. Check your Bios ... is the fan enabled? Does it show any errors?

3. Are you positive you have it plugged in the correct connector?

4. Could you try the fan in a known working PC?

2. RE: CPU Fan does not run
CjBotkin Mar-21-02 09:53 AM
In response to message 1
Thanks for the help.

The fan runs on an auxillary 3-pin connector. The FAN connector labelled "CPU fan" fails to power the fan.

I see no place in the AWARD BIOS instructions where a fan could be enabled/disabled. Just the PC Health temps and fan speeds.

I suppose something is bad in the Mobo or the CPU ?

Ideas ?

Thanks a bunch.

3. RE: CPU Fan does not run
lbyard Mar-21-02 12:22 PM
In response to message 2
I've seen at least one EpoX board (an older one) with a CPU fan connector that did not work. I would guess that a poor solder joint caused it. The solution was to offer a discount to the buyer and use a two-pin fan. Two-pin fans plug directly into a 5 drive power connector from the power supply and they cannot be monitored by the motherboard. Another option is to use one of the other 3-pin connectors. I have found that the fan on VIA Northbridge chip is not needed for most computers (computers that are not overclocked. You could unscrew that fan from its heatsink and remove it, and use that connector. I would probably return the board if it were mine. Larry

4. RE: CPU Fan does not run
CjBotkin Mar-21-02 03:53 PM
In response to message 3
Larry: Thanks for the help. It is the connector on the board... and I'm sending it back.. The fan works when attached to AUX connector.

Thanks again.

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