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Problem with Epox 8KHA+ Motherboard and Visiontek's GeForce 4 Ti 4600
lbyard Mar-07-02 05:37 PM
Dear 8KHA+ Users
As of March 1, 2002 EPoX has received claims from customers that there is a conflict between the 8KHA+ and Visiontek's GeForce 4 Ti 4600. Currently we have not been able to confirm where the problem lies and it is being closely looked at by our technical engineers and R/D. EPoX and the 8KHA+ has been the motherboard of choice for much of the computer enthusiast community and we will make every effort possible to keep positive communication and interaction between EPoX and this community. As for now please always use caution when inserting any riser cards (i.e. VGA cards) into EPoX motherboards, as well as any other manufacturers. This practice will prevent any forceful damages in the future.

Please note that here at EPoX we are always open to hear your comments and complaints and as always we strive to make sure all problems are dealt with in a timely and correct manner. Thank you for choosing EPoX for your motherboard needs and we look forward to providing your future motherboard needs.

Samuel Kang

Marketing / Product Manager
Production Department
North American Operation
EPoX International, Inc. USA
E-Mail: Samuel.Kang@epox.com
Web: www.epox.com

For immediate release
Official Press Statement
EPoX is Commenting on technical issue:
Conflict between the CE6 capacitor on EP-8KHA/+ and VisionTek GF4
Ti4600 graphic card
Taipei/Taiwan; 06-MAR-2002 – EPoX Computer Co., Ltd., a leading developer and
manufacturer of high end mainboard, storage and communication solutions is giving today an
official press statement, regarding technical issues being discovered by users when using an EP-
8KHA, EP-8KHA+ and a VisionTek GF4 Ti4600 graphic card.
Mr. Thomas Huang, VP of Research & Development Dept. of EPoX Computer said: “Regarding
the high capacitor on EPoX motherboard EP-8KHA, EP-8KHA+, it was designed to optimize the
stability of a DDR motherboard. While DDR solution was first introduced in the first quarter of
2001, according to the technical information the power consumption of the DDR memory will be
much higher than SDRAM architecture. EPoX’s technicians decided to use switch circuit design.
And the output end came important. After evaluating all the graphic cards sold in the market and
ensure there was no mechanism conflicts, to keep wider tolerance in memory voltage and current,
the bigger capacitors (1500ěf/6.3V, LSR capacitors) was complemented to reserve big space and
optimize the voltage stability. Each EP-8KHA and EP-8KHA+ even equipped with 2 of them.
However according to the real experiences of using the selling DDR modules in the market, the
power consumption is much lower than it was reported. In fact one 1500ěf/6.3V, LSR capacitors
is enough to handle it. In EPoX internal testing, the stability and overclockability is still very
high without any influences.”
By case users has difficulty in installing VisionTek GF4 Ti4600 graphic card on EPoX EP-
8KHA+ and EP-8KHA, the first solution will be removing the CE6 capacitor. If users are not
experienced in solder iron, they can use pliers to remove this component. If users are still
confused with it or have any questions, they can contact any EPoX branch office in worldwide.
More about EPoX
EPoX Computer Co., Ltd. headquartered in Taiwan R.O.C., is a system and motherboard manufacturer with
production facilities in Taiwan and in the Peoples Republic of China. The EPoX logo is known worldwide for first
class quality and cost-effective products. Only high-grade components are used for manufacturing EPoX products.
EPoX Motherboards are compatible with all CPU’s (AMD, VIA C3, Intel Pentium III, Intel Celeron and Intel
Pentium 4 processors). Represented through several branch offices in Taiwan, China, U.S.A., Germany, Holland,
and with more than 1.000 competent employees, EPoX motherboards are being sold in more than 100 countries.
PR contact Europe Headquarter Taiwan Sales contact Europe Sales contact Germany
EuroBizz Marketing EPoX Computer Co., Ltd. EPoX Europe Computer b.v. ELITO-EPoX Computer GmbH
Mr. Bjoern Wussow Ms. Victoria Chin Ms. Ruby Lin Ms. Claudia Thiem
bw@eurobizz.de Victoria.chin@epox.com.tw ruby@epox.nl claudia@elito-epox.com

1. Epox
copperpipe Mar-08-02 00:31 AM
In response to message 0
Well Epox certainly seems to be more responsible than some other motherboard manufacturers (there is one in particular that comes to mind).

2. RE: Epox
lbyard Mar-08-02 11:53 AM
In response to message 1
I can think of more than one... Larry

3. RE: Epox
copperpipe Mar-08-02 12:23 PM
In response to message 2
OK I can think of two now. But the first one also makes boards for the second one.

I guess I've been lucky in that all my builds have been pretty much troublefree up to now.

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