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unmarked motherboard
gothix Feb-08-02 07:45 AM
I've got a motherboard with almost no markings.
All it has is "AEC 9729".
I have scans of this board on my website at:
If anyone could take a look and tell me who makes it and where I might get jumper/pin and bios info I'd be greatful.

1. RE: unmarked motherboard
lbyard Feb-08-02 06:36 PM
In response to message 0
Anything on the side of the furthest left ISA slot? I might be able to find a book on this board, but it is so old that it is probably not worth the effort to find it. It appears to me that the jumper settings are printed on the motherboard. I don't think I would have much of a problem setting it up. Larry

2. RE: unmarked motherboard
gothix Feb-08-02 09:42 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks for the response.
All that's on the last ISA slot is a warranty sticker dated late 98 and the BIOS sticker.
Bios sticker reads as:
Award software 1995
SN 081527810 V
Voltage jumper settings are on board, no prob there.
Don't know about the pin config for the power on switch, drive lights etc on the coner of board near the bios and the cpu socket.
Also trying to find the right bios update for this board to accomodate large drives.
Thanks again for assist.
Can e-mail or post on site a close up of the pins for power switch etc if that would help you determine what's what.

3. RE: unmarked motherboard
lbyard Feb-09-02 06:32 PM
In response to message 2
There is no motherboard power-on switch connection. The board uses a AT/Baby AT power supply, not a an ATX power supply. The power on connection will be to the power supply.

The front panel headers of most generic motherboards of this vantage have the pin arrangement described in the following… There is a group of five pins. That is for the power-on LED and keylock switch (not implemented with many recent cases). The front panel connector for these wires is either on five-pin plug or separate 3-pin and 2-pin plugs. They should be labeled or you can trace the wires back to the front panel on the case to determine what is what. With power to the motherboard, plug the 3-pin into the outer three pins of one side of the group of five. If it doesn’t light the power LED, reverse the plug. If that doesn’t work, plug it into the other side. If that doesn’t work, reverse it again. Plug the keylock (if there is one) in the remaining 2-pins. The speaker is usually a 4-pin plug with two wires attached to the outer pins. It attaches to the group of 4-pins on the header. The turbo LED (or green LED), hard disk LED, turbo switch, and reset switch remain. The two switches may damage the circuitry for the LEDs if plugged into either of the two LED pins and activated. The LED plugs can be plugged into the switch pins without damaging them. We don’t know if the turbo switch is on of off and we may damage a LED if we attempt to guess at where it plugs in and activate the switch. So, start with the hard disk LED, power-up the system with a working hard disk attached, do something that will cause disk activity (e.g., C:\dir from the DOS prompt), and try the hard disk LED plug in each of the four remain pairs of header pins, and reversing the plug at each set, until the HDD LED lights. The turbo LED header is usually next to or near the HDD LED and it may be off. Often the turbo plug is a 3-pin plug with two wires. The header often complies, but it may consist of two adjacent pins, which can be problematic (however, the turbo function is pretty much irrelevant with your motherboard or a newer one, and doesn’t have to be plugged-in). So, you may have guess with the reset switch connector. If there are two pins to the rear-left, try it there. Pressing the switch briefly will boot the machine or, maybe, fry the turbo LED circuitry… However, I believe I have always been able to get these last three connections correct form the labeling on the motherboard and without damaging anything… Larry

4. RE: unmarked motherboard , **PLEASE HELP** Needing Help With Almost The Same Board!
denisev12 Feb-13-02 08:37 AM
In response to message 3
Hi , I am needing help on a board that is almost the same.
I need the motherboard drivers for it,
my friend has been using this board for awhile
and it's not set up with the real drivers for it!

I know it's a AT Clone,

It is also as detailed below, just a few of the numbers are different.

4/1997 S/N:SM 10606152

Award Software INC
S/N: 868818487 V

Intel PCIset SB82371SB

If anyone can help us find the drivers for it,
That would be great!

I know she needs a new computer <smiles>
But she is disabled with MS and can not get one at this time, So I am just trying to help find the drivers for it for her.

If you know where I can find the drivers
could you PLEASE Email me personally?

Thank You!

Dee V. dee@smokindirect.com

5. RE: unmarked motherboard , **PLEASE HELP** Needing Help With Almost The Same Board!
lbyard Feb-13-02 05:13 PM
In response to message 4
Waht processor/speed does it have? Any paticular reason/problem why you need drivers? Larry

6. RE: unmarked motherboard , **PLEASE HELP** Needing Help With Almost The Same Board!
denisev12 Feb-13-02 08:06 PM
In response to message 5
I think I found more info. on the board last night, but the reason I need the drivers for the board is we had placed a different hard drive in it and not having the board drivers is causing a few problems, it's just running I guess on the defalt drivers from windows 98?

I found out that it says,

Houston Tech


ID# string:

Version 02.10 32 bit- PCI-BIOS

Award Bios V4.51PG
Chipset i430VX

INT-13h Bios Extestion ja,Version:1.X,Fknt 41..48 unterstutzt

D3MI-Info.E)SCO-Info. sonst-Excet

Now I have checked and Houston tech is no longer in business, I am trying to find if anyone has the drivers on this board.

I have been all around the net looking but so far no drivers for the board came up?

If you might know where I can find them could you please contact me ?

Thank you for your time!

Dee V.

8. RE: unmarked motherboard , **PLEASE HELP** Needing Help With Almost The Same Board!
lbyard Feb-13-02 09:59 PM
In response to message 6
Houston Technology made the real-time clock-battery on the motherboard (the black rectangular thing, right?), not the motherboard. Unless the battery is dead, it has nothing to do with a disk drive installation. Is it dead? When I asked for the CPU speed, I thought you had a socket 8 Intel 440VX chipset board. Probably a big 60 MHz CPU, right? The only drivers for it are probably the stock Intel drivers. They are not going to fix a large disk-BIOS problem, if that’s the problem, and it probably is, correct? Exactly what is the problem? We need to know what the problem is before searching for the (correct) solution. Larry

9. RE: unmarked motherboard , **PLEASE HELP** Needing Help With Almost The Same Board!
denisev12 Feb-14-02 01:53 AM
In response to message 8
Hello Again!

YES it was the battery that had the Houston Tech on it!

I also did alittle bios test and it says no name on it?

Only that it is a AT Clone,

I think the board is a socket 5
but not sure?

The CPU is a 120 MHz
chipset, i430vx

The problem is that my friend bought a new video
card for it, I intalled the drivers right, but it still wont let us set it at 600 X 800 resolution
it only will set at 16 bits, and 250 high,
the card is a good 32 bit card.

I was told by a tech guy that it might be the motherboard drivers not being installed, might be the reason this is going on? Now I am not sure that this is true or not?

But I have rechecked over the new video card drivers and everything is installed ok!

I think it's worth a try even if I got just the stock drivers and see if it helps?

Do you know where I can find them?

Could there be another problem causing this?



10. RE: unmarked motherboard , **PLEASE HELP** Needing Help With Almost The Same Board!
lbyard Feb-14-02 05:07 PM
In response to message 9
You can try these: http://developer.intel.com/design/software/drivers/platform/archived_440.htm. The motherboard drives are almost certainly not causing the problem. What version of Windows are you running? Larry

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