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New Motherboard and no more sound
rawleigh Jan-26-02 03:13 AM
Ok - I replaced my Celron 466 for a AX-34 Aopen
motherboard with sound card attached.
I Have No Sound ?

I un-installed all drivers , re-installed one by one , downloaded the updated drive from the Aopen site.Still No Sound

When i reboot PC , You can hear sound card clicking as if it is working. System settings reads no conflicks

I have tried instaslling a upgraded version of WIN ME.

Then i tried a number of different sound cardsand still no sound.

Speaker cables are connected and still nothing.

I am stumped. Any Thoughts

I didn't want to format my drive and lose my saved files. There must be another way

Need a answer !!!

2. RE: New Motherboard and no more sound
lbyard Jan-26-02 08:54 PM
In response to message 0
Be sure the jumper is in the correct position…

And the CMOS Setup is correctly set for onboard or plug-in expansion board sound. While you are in the CMOS Setup, I would suggest disabling all motherboard devices that you don’t use; e.g., serial ports.
Even though the Device Manager shows no conflicts, I would pull all expansion boards except video to determine if one of them is causing a problem with sound. Are the speakers plugged into the right hole on the sound card? If they are powered speakers, are they powered-up? Be sure the Windows volume control is not muted. Remove all of the sound card drivers in the Device Manager, reboot, and see if Windows detects the sound devices. The motherboard could be defective. Larry

3. New Motherboard and no more sound
rawleigh Jan-27-02 09:14 PM
In response to message 0
Thanks Larry for the tips to try.

I did what you said and checked everything again.
I still had no sound. Then i went out and tried a PCI sound card , I believe it was a AW -200 and it worked.

I think i am going to re-format my drive next to see if i can get windows to reconize the built in sound card and return this borrowed one..
I have heard that sometimes once a sound card is reconize that when it is pulled out that the onboard system will work

Microsoft windows - even though made easy for the average user - has been quite a disappointment for me as to it limits what a pc really can do.
There are just too many bugs that need adjusting.

Thank You again Larry - Who ever you are ?
You've been a great help

Chris Corkum

4. RE: New Motherboard and no more sound
lbyard Jan-28-02 05:31 PM
In response to message 3
Reformatting and reinstalling a drive is a rather desperate and time-consuming measure and may not fix the problem. Motherboard sound cards usually require a specific driver for the sound chip. The driver ay be located in a directory separate form the other drivers. Larry

Larry F. Byard
Dux Computer Digest
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