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Pease HELP ME CMOS Battery discontinued
vic Jan-25-02 10:34 AM
Hello can someone please help, I have a Houston Technology battery HT12888a that has been discontinued and I need a replacement. Does anyone know if I can get one and where or any alternatives?????

1. RE: Pease HELP ME CMOS Battery discontinued
lbyard Jan-25-02 07:17 PM
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I'm afraid the motherboard is probably a goner. The HT12888a is not just a battery. It also has the computer's real time clock. These battery/clocks were supposed to have a very long lifetime (on the order of 10 years as I recall). Unfortunately, many of them have not lived-up to the spec. The use of these devices was pretty much phased-out quite some time ago (back in the days of the early 486 processors, I believe). A fix may be possible. See http://www.resource800.com/dalfaq.html#My%20system%20has%20an%20HT12888A%20made%20by%20Houston%20Technologies.%20%20Can%20I%20replace%20this%20device?. Larry

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