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building computer problems
rufus29 Jan-21-02 02:11 AM
LAST EDITED ON Jan-21-02 AT 02:15 AM (GMT)

I this computer which I am building and have the motherboard installed and all the parts and have checked them out several times but I turn on the computer and there is nothing on the monitor. No beeps just blank monitor everything lights up fine.Except my cd Rom and CD RW keeps coming on and going off and the a drive stays lit all the time.
The Processor was preinstalled at the computer shop is 1 gb durham (not sure if spelled right) with fan to match on top. Mother board is ECS ELITE GROUP K7S5A. Jumpers are set correctly. video card is AGP GeForce 2 MX. INSTALLED A DRIVE ribbons only go one way and so do elec attachments. Did the same with hard drive using hard drive as a single drive on first IDE slot also have cd rom and cdrw both are on the same ide connection cd rom is master cdrw is slave. power only goes in one way. all other connections for hd led and power switch etc are named and in the right slots except for power ACPI LED it has 3 holes on the wire and their are only two pins I have it connected to thetwo pins but don`t think it is working as the wires are in the first and third hole. so the first hole is not plugged into anything. Have installed a standard modem. Sound is integrated. Am using an old monitor this may be the reason. but it does have the standard resolution. Outside of starting all over again have you any suggestions of what the problem could be. Fan is running on the processor.

1. RE: building computer problems
lbyard Jan-21-02 04:51 PM
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Strip the computer down to the minimum bootable configuration. See our motherboard FAQs and Build Your Own Computer Howtos. LEDs use two wires. The power-on plug for the front panel-on switch has two wires on all of the cases Iíve seen. The Power-on LED has a three-pin plug of which only two outer ones are used. It usually connects to 3 pins in a group of five pins. Two of those five pins are for the keylock switch, which is not present in many recent cases. Forget the LEDs for now. It will boot without them connected. The power-on switch has to be connected. Didnít they give you a User Manual for the motherboard? If not you should be able to download a copy at http://www.ecs.com.tw/. Larry

2. RE: building computer problems
copperpipe Jan-21-02 06:08 PM
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Just a couple of things I'd like to add to Larry's recommendations:

1) Did you try clearing the CMOS? My friend encountered a problem like yours when he first assembled his K7S5A system and he cleared the CMOS to solve the problem. If you need instructions on how to do this, go to: http://forum.ocworkbench.com/ocwbcgi/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=4&t=002019

2) Make sure your video card and memory chips are all firmly seated in their respective sockets. I'd try removing and then re-inserting them to be sure they are fully in. This has been a problem for some people.

3) Your power supply could be a problem since this board is very picky about the quality of power. Use an AMD-recommended power supply with at least 300 watts capacity.

Finally, if all else fails, consider returning it to the dealer for a refund - this board works fine once it is confirmed to be a functionally ok board.

Good luck.

3. RE: building computer problems
rufus29 Jan-25-02 02:07 AM
In response to message 2
Thanks for all the help it was the motherboard that was faulty. Everything working well now.

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