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gigabyte GA-7DXR+
petemaher Jan-20-02 08:12 PM
I have just bought a GA-7DXR+ mainboard and a XP1800 cpu. I have came across a load of DIP switches on the mainboard for setting things like the BUS speed. There is a default setting. Does anyone know if I have to reset this to my BUS speed? What is the bus speed?


1. RE: gigabyte GA-7DXR+
lbyard Jan-21-02 04:37 PM
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The XP 1800+ has a 133MHz Front Side Bus. The Bus is double-pumped for an effective speed of 266 MHz. The jumper could be labeled for one or the other. Check the User Manual. The memory connects to a separate memory bus, which is set for the kind of memory you have. Larry

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