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New System Burn-In
Howard Dec-19-01 01:41 AM
In reading a lot of the how-to reviews I see that many folks run a high load burn-in for some period of time after building a new system. Is it needed, what does this accomplish and how do you do it?


Howard - Miami Fl

1. RE: New System Burn-In
lbyard Dec-19-01 04:14 PM
In response to message 0
Well, back in the days when computers were much simpler (and components were less reliable), we used to do that with a burn-in program that came with the DOS version of PC Doctor (http://www.pc-doctor.com/). Ran it all night. Before that, we ran memory through a stand-alone tester, etc. Now, we run several passes of the Business Winstone (http://www.etestinglabs.com/benchmarks/bwinstone/bwinstone.asp). Most problems are discovered when Windows, etc. is installed. Loading-up a computer tests components under higher heat conditions and repeatedly exercises the vaaarious parts of the computer in an attempt to find intermittent problems that do not result in an error every time a particular state exists. Some problems may not be apparent until after extended use/testing. Larry

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