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Qbex Motherboards
Ragz Dec-18-01 04:46 PM
Anyone know the manufacters on the motherboards used in these systems? the qbex system i have has no model number on but i can tell you that it has onboard video and sound, the video is a SIS530 chipset. The system currently has no video working and i wanted to override the onboard video and use another card just to get the machine going any help would be appreciated i already checked asus and its not there MB.

1. RE: Qbex Motherboards
lbyard Dec-18-01 05:59 PM
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http://duxcw.com/digest/Fromshop/mb/det.htm. I would try plugging a video board in anyway. It might work, especially if the motherboard video has already been disabled. Larry

2. RE: Qbex Motherboards
Ragz Dec-18-01 10:33 PM
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ya tried plugging a video card in also but still had no video =(

3. RE: Qbex Motherboards
lbyard Dec-19-01 03:59 PM
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Iíll guess: http://www.pcchips.com/index2.html. If my guess is correct, a trash receptacle is the appropriate place for the motherboard. Larry

4. RE: Qbex Motherboards
Rancher Dec-20-01 05:21 AM
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Can ya get into the bios? If so disable on board video, st the PNP OS to enable reboot & your new vid card should show as new hardware found, follow menus

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