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Boot Looping Problem on Abit BH6 Motherboard
ozz54 Dec-11-01 06:44 AM
I'm having a problem when booting into Windows 98 that I suspect is my ABIT BH6 motherboard. Post completes OK with a single beep. The boot process continues OK and then just before the Win98 desktop comes up, the screen goes black and the boot process starts all over with memory count up and post. The problem repeats this cycle over and over until I turn the power off and the computer never does boot up completly into Win98. I've checked the BIOS settings and also tried clearing the CMOS with no luck. I have another identicle machine without this boot looping broblem in which to compare my BIOS settings. Anyone got any ideas on what might be wrong?

1. RE: Boot Looping Problem on Abit BH6 Motherboard
lbyard Dec-11-01 05:28 PM
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Try reseating all expansion boards and memory. Be sure all screws holding the motherboard to the chassis are tight, but do not over-torque them. Check all cables. It could be a power supply problem or defective (cracked) motherboard. Larry

2. RE: Boot Looping Problem on Abit BH6 Motherboard
danella Dec-16-01 08:15 PM
In response to message 1
How much RAM are you running? If you are running in excess of 512 Meg, (counting your Video card mem), Win 98 will get into memory overflow, and not enouhg mem problems.
these problems are easily solved with a few lines in the Sys.ini file, under Vcache and the ENH386.

If you are running over 1 gig, the a boot loop is almost ineveitable with out the following correction:
Add the following line in the <386Enh> section of the file:
Save the file, and then restart your computer. This limits win 98's use to 1 gig, (it's rated max)

If over 512, (including Video mem):
For systems with more than 128 MB of RAM, setting a VCache maximum of about 70% of your total RAM is recommended as prophylaxis against run-away VCache growth in rare, specialized situations.
Add the settings, (or change the settings if they exist) to show the following in the area of system.ini file

These numbers can be adjusted according to your needs, the above shows a setting for a minimum of 50 megs Vcache and a Maximum of 55 meg. (Vcache is limited internally to 800 megs)
I don't know if this is your problem or not, but the symptoms sound like you tried adding too much memory, or maybe a video card that put you over the top. Windows, when it see's more memory, will use more memory, and beyond 512 meg, will tend to use so much memory for VCache, that it uses up the system arena, and the computer no longer has enough available memory to run a program.
Hope this helped, if not, it may be good for future reference.

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