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motherboard anxiety
alex boenigk Nov-29-01 03:08 PM
I'm not an expert on all things computer, but I do know a few things. With that said let me pose my question-I have a mass produced package deal IBM computer, to make a long story short, I nedd to replace the processor and motherboard due to limitations. I have installed my own hard drives, soundcards, etc... and I am very tempted to get a motherboard+CPU combo. I know there is no way you can just stick it in and boot up, but other than cheking the power supply for compatibility, redoing the bios settings, and reformatting, what do I have know. Is this possible for me to do, or should I seek other options??????????? Thanx for replying in advance-Alex Boenigk

1. RE: motherboard anxiety
copperpipe Nov-29-01 04:47 PM
In response to message 0
My recommendation is to buy a new case in addition to the motherbd & processor. This gives you the greatest flexibility as far as what motherboard you can install.

Your IBM case might not be compatible with newer generic motherboards insofar as installation and location of expansion slots as well as having an inadequate power supply. Also, you would probably have to approach IBM as far as getting a suitable replacement board which might be quite expensive.

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