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DVD not working or not recognized?
baytique Nov-15-01 08:33 PM
I am in the process of putting this computer together. Epox 8K7a motherboard, 1.4g Athlon 266mhz, 256m/266mhz Crucial ram, MSI geforce2 pro 64m ddr video card,60g WD hd, 3 1/2" floppy and a Pioneer DVD #106s. So far I have used the Western Digital"Data lifeguard Tools" software to set the hard drive up, with two partitons near 30megs each. I then ran my win98 boot disk. Now I am trying to load the OS from my dvd and it appears it is not recognized. When I look in the standard CMOS setup it is there as the"IDE Secondary Master". The HD is on the primary IDE controller, and the dvd is on the secondary controller. The hd has the ata-100 cable, and the dvd has the ATA-33 cable on it. Earlier the dvd was on the same cable, ATA-100, as the hard drive set as master,and hd set as slave,still nothing. One other item . How do I find out what letter is associated to my dvd drive? I have guessed at them up to the letter "M", no luck. Thanks in advance to all that can help.

1. RE: DVD not working or not recognized?
lbyard Nov-15-01 10:19 PM
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If you have two partitions on the hard disk and no other drives installed, the DVD drive should be drive E:. If there are more drives, disconnect them. When you boot the Startup floppy (http://duxcw.com/digest/Fromshop/software/windows/startup/startup.htm), you should see it ask whether to start with CD-ROM support or not. Of course, at this stage, the DVD drive should behave like a CD-ROM. You should see it load the CD-ROM driver successfully and load MSCDEX, which should assign it a drive letter. If that doesn’t happen, make a stock Startup floppy. If it still doesn’t happen, see http://duxcw.com/faq/cdrom/cdrom.htm, which applies. Larry

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