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DELL GX300 Motherboard
DonChino Oct-24-01 08:26 PM
I'm new here, but I have a burning problem. I purchased a DELL GX300 and it has one of those large dual processor motherboards. Well, the case got seriously crushed the other day while we were moving it. (Don't ask, just an elevator and cabinet were involved ) Anyway, luckily the case was mangled and I believe I lost the hard drive and some PCI cards, but the motherboard is intact. I was able to power up and everything, but now how and where do I get a new case for this thing? I called DELL and they passed me to about 10 different people until they finally conceeded that they do not sell their cases. And I checked SEVERAL websites and they do not seem to conform the design of the DELL GX300 motherboard which is LONG. All the I/O ports (plus LAN) run next to each (unlike most that stack some) and the DELL case had the power supply in a vertical position with some of the motherboard underneath it. Most cases have the power horizontally so this motherboard will NOT fit in most cases, and I tried to find a case but cannot. So can SOMEONE help me identify either my motherboard or a case that can support the DELL GX300 motherboard? No, although it is an ATX board, most cases CANNOT support it, so I don't want to hear that, take a look at the back of a GX300 and you will see what I mean... Help?! DELL customer service is GOOD, but not THAT good it seems...

2. RE: DELL GX300 Motherboard
emfntf Nov-29-01 09:47 PM
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I was wondering what the name of the Pentium 3 processor is that is compatible with that motherboard and if it available to buy and how much? Since they're selling these motherboards for $70.00 Ebay I was wondering what ya paid and if thats a deal. And how is the internal audio, have you upgraded?

4. RE: DELL GX300 Motherboard
lbyard Dec-09-01 06:40 AM
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Here are some links to what I understand to be a manufacturer of cases for Dell and a couple of places where you may be able to buy them:

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