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Tech Note From AMD on Athlon XP (Palomino) and Duron (Morgan) Processors
lbyard Oct-18-01 02:58 AM
When upgrading an existing system with a new Duron (Morgan) or Athlon XP (Palomino) processor, 2 changes need to be made.

1 - Upgrade the BIOS to fully support all the new capabilities of the new processor including SSE instructions

2 - Reload the Operating System to properly recognize that the processor is now capable of supporting SSE

This procedure applies to Win95/98, WinME, Win2000, WinNT, WinXP

Changing processor from AMD Athlon(T-Bird)/Duron to AMD Palomino/Morgan (or vice-versa).

When changing processors in a Socket A platform as described in the above bullet, it is advised to do a fresh install of the operating system. The reason is the "operating system setup" must detect at the time of operating system install whether the Socket A processor is a SSE capable Palomino/Morgan or a non SSE capable T-Bird/Duron. Only at "operating system install" can the operating system properly install libraries and registry additions for proper processor support. A reinstall over an old operating system install or updating from one operating system to another operating system, after a processor is changed as described above, will not guarantee the proper support for that newly installed processor.

Note: If the BIOS does not provide proper support for the processor(including SSE support for a Palomino/Morgan) at the time of operating system install, later upgrading the BIOS to one which does properly support all features of the processor, will require a fresh install of the operating system.

Utilities To Confirm SSE Support

Most 3rd party processor ID utilities only confirm whether the processor and BIOS are SSE capable thru a CPUID instruction check. This does not mean that the operating system has the proper registry additions and libraries installed to support the processor for optimum performance.

This issue applies mainly to the upgrade market. We do not believe this will effect the new system market because OEM's will be setting their BIOS
correctly from the factory build process to take advantage of these capabilities of the Duron - Morgan and Athlon - Palomino processors in addition to loading a new install of the operating system.

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