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Need Suggestions about these motherboards/parts
Aehs Sep-28-01 01:15 AM
I've looked around on the web and found that out of these items I own and the Items online I could build 2 computers one with a P4 1.4ghz and another with an Athlon 1.2ghz, i'm looking for 2 decent motherboards basicly and to see if this combination of computer parts will work well if at all.

Have the following to make 2 computers:
Small case - worthless basicly
Medium ATX case
250watt power supply
400watt power supply
256mb ram pc133
64mb ram pc133
64mb ram pc100
15" Monitor
17" Monitor
Mouse x2
Keyboard x2
Speakers x2
Soundblaser live sound card
Voodoo 4 AGP 32mb vid card
ATI all in wonder PCI 16mb vid card
Network card x2
20 gig HD
5 Gig HD
3 1/2 floppy x2
Zip Drive
40x CD-ROM
52x CD-ROM
Case fan
Working motherboard w/ AMD K6-2 366mhz - don't need this anymore

I was going to buy the following parts with the 800$.

Computer #1:
Athlon 1.2ghz 105$-
Abit Motherboard for Athlon 105$-

Computer #2:
P4 Proccesor 140$-
P4 motherboard, Abit 135$-
256mb pc133 ram 30$-
ATX case for P4 60$-
Cooling case fan 5$-

I Also might buy a Video card to replace the ATI one I have and most likely a new Hard drive, probebly a 40 Gig for around 100$.

I'm wondering if I should go with these items or if I should look for something better/missing anything I need? I know the P4 motherboards usually have the DDR ram I think, or one of the faster ones but the one I chose is pc100/133 for the mb (thats why I added a stick of 256 pc133 for comp #2). Should I go for a board with the more advanced memory?

1. RE: Need Suggestions about these motherboards/parts
lbyard Sep-28-01 02:19 PM
In response to message 0
I would build two Athlon computers. The Athlon CPUs cost less and process faster. The Abit Athlon board has an older chipset and does not support DDR memory. There are motherboards that support both kinds of memory. The Abit 845 chipset board is slow and does not support DDR memory. The cost of DDR memory is getting close to the price of dirt (dirt cheap). I am waiting for the Palomino core Athlons and VIA KT266A and nVIDIA chipset motherboards, which should start appearing in the next month or so. Larry

3. RE: Need Suggestions about these motherboards/parts
Aehs Sep-28-01 02:35 PM
In response to message 1
Ok, i'll look around for an Abit/Epox with DDR support, i'm trying to get 2 decent fast computers with the money/parts I have hehe.

4. RE: Need Suggestions about these motherboards/parts
Aehs Sep-28-01 04:19 PM
In response to message 3
Found this:
Epox mb w/ DDR Ram support 155$-

Although on tigerdirect it says it supports pc266 DDR ram and on the epox site it says pc1600/2100 -

Also found this DDR/SDRAM board:
Asus mb -

And a review on this board here:

It seemed to be slower then the boards it compared with memory wise, although the SDR/DDR option is great.

Going to keep looking, have plenty of time in this computer class in school hehe.

6. RE: Need Suggestions about these motherboards/parts
lbyard Sep-28-01 04:54 PM
In response to message 4
PC266 = 133 MHz Memory Bus Clock Frequency x 2 (double pumped--transfers data on raising an falling edges of each clock pulse) = 266 MHz x 64 bits/8bits/byte = 2128 MBytes/Sec or 2100 Mbytes/Sec when rounded = PC2100 (or 2.1 GBytes/sec. x 1000). Larry

7. RE: Need Suggestions about these motherboards/parts
Aehs Sep-28-01 08:18 PM
In response to message 6
Ah ok Thanks, also read more (yes I have alot of time on my hands hehe) and found this board to be cheap/decent here:


Figured I could get 2 boards, 2 proccesors both around 1.2ghz T-Bird, 2 fans and a case for a little less then 600.

2. RE: Need Suggestions about these motherboards/parts
Aehs Sep-28-01 02:33 PM
In response to message 0
Was thinking of this board and ram for the P4 instead of the one I originally chose.

P4 Abit motherboard 165$-
Rambus 128mb pc800 for P4 mb 45$-

Any suggestions would be a great help.

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