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Chip advice
Translator Sep-17-01 06:34 PM
I want to buy an AMD Athlon in the 850 to 900 range. Speed is not important, keeping the system cool is. Question: does the 850 or 900 run cooler than the faster ones? Someone suggested that all the newer chips, regardless of speed, run cooler than those on the market of a couple of years ago. Is that true, and if so, how can you tell you are getting the very latest version?

1. RE: Chip advice
Knave Sep-17-01 08:49 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Sep-17-01 AT 08:56 PM (GMT)

If running cool is more important than speed - check out the new MORGAN CORE for Durons. I believe the new 850 or 900 Duron with the lower fab, data prefetch and SSE support benchmarks
approximately equal to the Athlon 1.2Ghz.

I tend to babble - Thank you for listening

2. RE: Chip advice
Translator Sep-18-01 08:57 AM
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Thanks for your prompt reply, Knave. Shall investigate soon.

3. RE: Chip advice
deerslayer Sep-18-01 09:55 AM
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actually the 1 gig Duron with the morgan core is around the same as a 1 gig tbird in performance. There are several reviews on it. For the extra few bucks, I would get the tbird over a duron. Both will need a good HSF to keep it cool and some case air circulation would not hurt either.

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4. RE: Chip advice
lbyard Sep-18-01 03:04 PM
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I expect the Palomino core Athlon next month. It may run cooler than current Athlons and have built-in thermo protection circuitry. Cooler CPUs are a big plus in my mind also when choosing a processor and one of the reasons I am waiting to upgrade. Larry

5. RE: Chip advice
Translator Sep-21-01 07:01 PM
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Thanks deerslayer and ibyard for welcome replies.

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