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Slow IDE Circuit?
rlee Sep-14-01 06:35 AM

I have a Gigabyte GA5AX (latest revision) MB and it seems to have a terribly slow IDE controller circuit. I have visited ali`s site, and Gigabytes site for info and they say nothing. One states to use the Windows default (98) drivers and thats what is loaded now. I have the latest MB rev., the latest BIOS, the latest AGP drivers, and still slow. My other Abit TX5 computer runs circles around it.I have heard that this ALI5 chipset has IDE,AGP driver problems. Does anyone Know? My system is: Gigabyte GA5AX mb, K6-2 500, 192M Pc133 sdram, Ati Xpert 98, Fujitsu UATA33 3.2gb drv. Etc.

1. RE: Slow IDE Circuit?
lbyard Sep-14-01 04:41 PM
In response to message 0
Richard, In Start, Settings, Control Panel, System, Device Manager select the hard disk drive, click Properties, Settings and check DMA. Try removing some memory (take it down to 128 or 64 Mbytes). You may be exceeding the amount of memory that can be cached (I have not checked the specs), causing none of it to be cached. Check the CMOS Setup and be sure the L1 and L2 cache’ is enabled. What drive and CPU do you have in the Abit TX5 computer? Larry

2. RE: Slow IDE Circuit?
rlee Sep-15-01 08:28 PM
In response to message 1

Larry, thanks for the advice. I pulled a 64M SDRAM module out, leaving 128M, and it runs noticeably faster. Apparently the ALI chipset can only cache 128M or less. Again, thanks for the timely advice

3. RE: Slow IDE Circuit?
gudlife Sep-16-01 10:19 AM
In response to message 1
Does this peril other chipsets like VIA's or just Ali's???


4. RE: Slow IDE Circuit?
Knave Sep-16-01 01:34 PM
In response to message 3
I have the ALi chipset in the 5AA board and experienced the same slowdown. I'm still waiting for some answer from Gigabyte.

** In addition on the 5AA the only AGP driver that seems to work is ver1.60. Any newer version
removes AGP selection and locks the AGP at 1X.

Anyone else had this problem?

I tend to babble - Thank you for listening

5. RE: Slow IDE Circuit?
rlee Sep-17-01 06:39 AM
In response to message 4

Since I posted the above inquiry, I`ve read from other sites that the ALI5 chipset can only cache up to 128M of memory. Any more and the system slows down.(noticeably)! Can anyone else expand on this? Like why?
Thanks to you all, Richard

6. RE: Slow IDE Circuit?
lbyard Sep-17-01 04:51 PM
In response to message 3
>Does this peril other chipsets like
>VIA's or just Ali's???

Yes. Check the specs before upgrading memory. Larry

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