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How do I overclock a 800 t-bird?
weber Sep-06-01 04:56 AM
I hear of overclocking on the web and on the street... but how do I go about this task?
In lay-mans terms please. This my system.

Epox 8kta2 with dip switches and jumpers
AMD 800 Thunderbird 200fsb.
2 Dimms of 128 Micron 133 RAM
W.Digital 3.1 gig H.D. ata66

Thanx in advance for the info. Weber

1. RE: How do I overclock a 800 t-bird?
lbyard Sep-06-01 04:40 PM
In response to message 0
You might fair better at getting an answer by posting this question in the Computer Performance Forum. I do not overclock computers and do not recommend it. I did a long time ago and regretted it. Larry

2. RE: How do I overclock a 800 t-bird?
deerslayer Sep-06-01 05:04 PM
In response to message 1
Well you can raise the FSB and / or change the multiplier. the 800 is probably locked, so you will need to close the L1 bridges on the cpu with a HD pencil. This will "unlock" the cpu and enable multiplier changes. Of course, a good cooler is an absolute must, and some case ventilation will help. Do so @ your own risk, Tbirds run hot and with a inferior cooler will have a short life span when overclocking.

Pentium 3 1000 @ 1100 ( windows 2000 server), Abit bx-133, 256 Mb Mushkin Rev.3 cas 2-2-2, ATI Radeon
AMD Thunderbird 1.4 @ 1.63 (24/7) IWILL KK266R , Corsairs pc 150 cl2, Leadtek GeForce 3

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