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BIOS CMOS unable to enter
alf trower Sep-02-01 08:38 PM
Gigabyte Motherboard (GA- 6BX7+ )I boot the system I press Del the BIOS CMOS screen appears
but will not respond to keyboard

I have just built this unit I'm using a P111 800 (100Mhz) 512 Mem ( 100 Mhz ) GeForce 2MX graphics & a 20G hard Drive do you think I have faulty motherboard ?
regards, Alf Trower

1. RE: BIOS CMOS unable to enter
waddy Sep-02-01 09:11 PM
In response to message 0
Clear the CMOS.. its usually a jumper or take the battery out for a few minutes......

i always clear cmos before i first boot...

but yer if you cant use any keys in the Bios theres something wrong....

Check to make sure the Keyboard is plugged in correcctly ( right slot)

2. RE: BIOS CMOS unable to enter
alf trower Sep-18-01 08:43 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks Waddy I removed the battery OK now

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