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bantay Aug-18-01 10:14 PM
I think I made a big mistake and need advise. About a year ago I bought the above mentioned EPOX motherboard. I procrastinated until about a mmonth or so ago to install it into a computer I was attempting to build. I discovered that it has no USB or peripheral port attachments. Thinking I had purchased a defective motherboard I contacted the manufacturer and was told that I needed to buy and install the port attachments. Is that something that a novice can do. Would I be wasting my time and money buying these attachments, instead of just buying a different motherboard?

copperpipe Aug-19-01 05:48 AM
In response to message 0
I have the MVP3C2 (same model as yours except that mine has UDMA66) and the only connector it didn't come with was the 16-pin USB connector.

From Pricewatch.com, I found that you can buy it (part # SKU-EPOXUSB) online from Lynn Computer Products for $8 plus shipping (http://www.lynncomp.com/motherboard.htm).

If that source doesn't work out, you might want to consider buying a USB add-on card that takes up one PCI slot. I remember seeing a twin USB (USB 1.1) card made by SIIG at CompUSA for about $20.

I think this will be cheaper for you than buying another motherboard. You'd probably have to pay extra for the USB connector even if you bought another motherboard since yours is an AT board.

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