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Epox board bad, ValueRAM good
diletante Apr-12-00 03:47 AM
In our last episode (final post in ValueRAM thread), my old Pentium machine was belly up and I was scratching my head. Two days rest and some replugging of boards and cables got the old beast working again.

Now back to trying to upgrade to a K6-2/350 and Epox MVP3C motherboard. It took a few days for my son to finish his big school projects so that I could risk tearing up my K6-2/300 machine with the P5A, but the time came tonight. I used it as a testbed for the 350 MHz chip. It worked nicely, so the ValueRAM was also installed. Now my ASUS equipped machine acts like Grandma hitting the Geritol. Since the Epox board is apparently the bad part, and the ASUS machine is so happy with the RAM and CPU, I am going to enjoy the combination.

The Epox board will have to go back. When the replacement arrives, it will get the old K6-2/300. The bottom line is ValueRAM is a good value, and so was the free K6-2/350 chip.


1. RE: Epox board bad, ValueRAM good
lbyard Apr-12-00 01:41 PM
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I have had similar experiences. In quite a few cases, when putting everything back on the new motherboard, it worked. We call it "one of those mysteries." Larry

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