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fatal exceptions
chuck61 Jul-23-01 10:25 PM
I was told that fatal exceptions/blue screen errors usually occur because of defective memory or parity/speed problems. I was told to check the memory settings in my motherboard BIOS and check if the memory speeds match the capabilities of the motherboard. Here's my question: How do I do those two things? I only get the problem when I am conected to the internet.

1. RE: fatal exceptions
lbyard Jul-24-01 03:42 PM
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One (and average “one") does not normally fool with the CMOS memory settings. You could load the CMOS defaults to be sure reasonable settings are applied. If you are getting these errors frequently, randomly, with various error codes, and in most all applications, the first thing to do is reseat the memory. If that doesn’t work a savvy and experienced technician would substitute known-good memory. But if it is only happening in one application and, perhaps, the error code is consistent, the problem may be software related. The error code number would be useful for researching the problem. Of course, one could research all problems with all error codes and come up with a long remedy list, which may exceed the disk space allocated to this forum. Also, to work on the problem, knowledge of the version of Windows and the browser, as well as the hardware particulars, etc. would probably be useful. Otherwise, one could waste a lot of time trying to be clairvoyant. Finally, gathering advice from others, such as brothers, uncles, grandparents, one’s barber, local politicians, or anyone else who is an expert, and all are, is always useful and could help avoid making mistakes and ruining the computer, or corrupting valuable data by playing around with CMOS memory settings, which every person is imminently qualified to do because of the many years they have obviously spent studying computer hardware, especially memory. Larry

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