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SOYO motherboard
Teebucket1313 Jul-20-01 11:18 AM
I'm building a 1000 mhz Athlon computer using a Soyo SY-K7VTA-B motherboard. I have a 1000 mhz Athlon Thunderbird cpu, 128 meg of 133 ram, seagate hard drive and a AGP video card. The first time I used a Western Digtial hard drive and I was getting different errors refering the hard drive. So, I went to the Seagate and those errors stop. Now after Fdisk and formating the hard drive I keep getting a different error when I try to load the O/S. I used a Windows 98 SE startup disk to Fdisk and format the drive and now tring to load windows 98 SE. I get everything from Stack errors to when it tries to run scandisk it will just lockup. The computer will not restart with a warm boot. You have to do a cold boot or the video card will not work. All the drives and light are on and spinning. I have tried to bypass scandisk using the setup/is command and that doesn't work.

1. RE: SOYO motherboard
lbyard Jul-20-01 01:51 PM
In response to message 0
The first thing I would do would be to try some known-good memory. I would also go into the CMOS Setup and monitor the CPU temperature for about 30 minutes. Use a Win 98 startup floppy (see our How to’s) and run scandisk from DOS. Larry

2. RE: SOYO motherboard
Teebucket1313 Jul-20-01 02:11 PM
In response to message 1
Hi there,
Temperature runs between 150 to 152. That seems little warm. The other ones I have run around 130. I have charged the memory.

Thanks for your help.

3. RE: SOYO motherboard
Teebucket1313 Jul-20-01 02:21 PM
In response to message 2
Sorry, I need to preview before posting. The error messages range for Stack errors to you name it. The computer will not do a warm boot. I went to the Soyo site and printed out the 95 page manual. I have reset the cmos, re-fdisk and formated the h/drive. Tried new memory, different CD rom, replace ribbon cables, tried to load windows ME. Windows ME gives me a whole bunch of error messages before and during the start of scandisk.

Thanks for your help.

4. RE: SOYO motherboard
lbyard Jul-20-01 07:08 PM
In response to message 3
Power supply? Larry

5. RE: SOYO motherboard
Teebucket1313 Jul-23-01 03:27 PM
In response to message 4
The manual that came with the motherboard is wrong. I had to download the 95 page document from the Soyo site to get the correct settings. Thanks for all your help.

6. RE: SOYO motherboard
lbyard Jul-23-01 03:32 PM
In response to message 5
That happens… In particular, I've seen erroneous jumper or switch settings far too many times. Larry

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