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CPU recognition
jdwelch Jul-19-01 06:39 PM
Several weeks ago I upgraded CPU from Celeron 333 to PII 450. I cleared CMOS before booting,
and reset bios and everything booted up fine and new CPU was correct.

Here's the problem,(i'll try to keep short) when I shut down computer for the night and restart
in the AM, defaults back to 300mhz and 66fsb(cmos still set to 100fsb 4.5x 450mhz
I can let it boot to windows (safe or regular)and then go to full shutdown, turn power off and
then reboot and it boots up right PII 450mhz 100fsb:-)

My System:
PcChips M748MR (on board sound and video)
224mb sdram
3gig Segate HDD

Here's what I have done thus far:
Updated W98 with all patches and security updates
obtained and flashed most recent AMI bios from PCCHIPS (990702S)

System runs superb after I reboot, and I can go through restarts and shutdowns throughout the day
and sys will always resume 450/100

2. RE: CPU recognition
lbyard Jul-19-01 08:02 PM
In response to message 0
All I can say is that I would never buy a motherboard made by PCChips. I have seen many of them with all sorts of problems. Larry

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